Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

The most frequently administered form of sedation in our office is Oral Conscious Sedation (“OCS”). Dr. McOmber was the 33rd dentist in the entire State of New Jersey to earn the State OCS license. She began her training at Monmouth Medical Center in the Anesthesia Department in 2004 and has successfully administered OCS to hundreds of patients. She maintains her license by exceeding the New Jersey State Board of Dentistry’s guidelines for continuing education and license maintenance. In addition, all of our doctors and our entire staff are certified in Basic Life Support for healthcare providers. A full emergency kit is always kept in the office, as well as an Automated Electronic Defibrillator (“AED”).

Sedation Dentistry is Safe and Effective

OCS is a safe and effective way to alleviate dental anxiety and fear for many patients, in addition to saving time by limiting the number of visits required for larger treatment plans. The most commonly used medication is Triazolam (brand name Halcion) with over 500,000 documented and safe uses in dentistry. Triazolam is a sedative in the Benzodiazepine family, similar to Valium and Xanax, but has a quicker onset and faster elimination from your body which reduces any after effects. It also offers an amnesic affect which is an added benefit for most patients. Loss of memory of the dental visit and a feeling that, for example, a five-hour appointment lasted only 30 minutes are common experiences by sedation patients.

No IV Drugs

There are no IV drugs used, just a crushed pill which is placed under the tongue to dissolve. Oral Conscious sedation is ideal for most adults. For patients with a complex medical history, Dr. McOmber will communicate with your primary care physician to ensure that the medications and doses necessary for your treatment are appropriate for you. Your safety is our number one priority.

Several Procedures in One Visit

Oral Conscious Sedation allows numerous dental procedures to be completed in one visit. We can often treat the entire mouth in one session, eliminating repeat visits that heighten anxiety and fear. Vital signs are monitored continuously during a sedation visit. Pillows and a warm blanket offer a more comfortable experience. Orally sedated patients are able to open, close, bite during dental procedures, while still being relaxed enough to tolerate procedures with little or no anxiety. This treatment aid has helped so many of our patients overcome the fear and dread of dental treatment. Knowing that your entire mouth can be treated in one sedation visit is a significant motivating factor for patients who have procrastinated and put of necessary dental care for many years. Sedation dentistry offers patients to ability to get back “on track” with their smiles and oral health.

Please call our office for a complimentary Sedation Dentistry Consultation with Dr. McOmber. She will explain the entire process, review your medical history, and discuss your dental concerns. You will also have a chance to meet our staff and tour our treatment rooms.