Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most common restorative procedures performed in our office- they serve to restore teeth to optimal function and aesthetics. Dental crowns are usually placed to protect teeth with very large fillings, broken tooth structures, or extensive decay. They also protect teeth when root canal treatment is completed.

At McOmber Dental, we take pride in our attention to detail while preparing and fitting a dental crown for our patients. Custom made temporaries are always made- no stock or prefabricated materials are ever used. All restorations are critiqued and carefully examined by our doctors prior to cementation in the mouth. Most importantly, each and every patient is given the opportunity to examine their restoration in the mirror prior to cementation, approving the color, shape, and overall feel. Our priority is to deliver clinically exceptional restorations each and every time.

Types of Dental Crowns

We offer several types of dental crowns at McOmber Dental which are made from different materials. We select the appropriate type of crown based on the situation and consider factors such as the patient’s bite, tooth location, biting force, and aesthetic demands. Porcelain fused to high noble metal crowns are among the most widely used. Typically, gold, platinum, and palladium (high noble) are utilized- minimizing the chance of allergic reactions.

Metal Crowns

Cheaper base metals, such as nickel and cobalt, are not used in our practice for a number of reasons- including an unnatural appearance under layered porcelain and higher probability of allergic reactions.

Porcelain Crowns

All porcelain crowns meet the demands of the most discerning patients. Our doctors recommend these types of crowns on front teeth to assure the most natural appearance.

Gold Crowns

Gold crowns remain an excellent material to use in the molar region of the mouth while fabricating crowns. The benefits of gold crowns have been documented in numerous studies and have a long track record as being the most ideal material to place in the mouth. Gold crowns are uniquely suited for patients who grind their teeth, as gold will not chip or fracture. Gold crowns are also the friendliest to the oral environment, mimicking the wear properties of natural tooth enamel.

Relationship with Dental Laboratories

Many patients do not understand that the dentist’s role in fabricating a dental crown is typically limited to what is done chairside in the office. The role of the laboratory technician is just as important. At McOmber Dental, we have a longstanding and intimate relationship with our prosthetics laboratory. We are proud to have a 15-year relationship with an outstanding technician who understands our treatment goals. All cases are discussed and digital photography is used for color matching of porcelain and a superior cosmetic outcome. We do not use mass production facilities or outsource any of our lab work overseas.