White Fillings

Tooth colored or white fillings are the most commonly placed restoration in our practice. Dental cavities that were restored with amalgam (silver/metal) are now more commonly treated with white fillings. The material used to achieve these results is composite resin- a glass and resin mixture with microparticles added for strength. Once the cavity is removed and cleaned, the tooth is treated with a bonding agent and then filled with composite resin. A blue wavelength light is used to cure the material. Patients are able to chew of the filing immediately as the material sets to optimal hardness with the application of light.

Composite resin fillings are beneficial to our patients because they require less drilling and conserve tooth structure. Equally important to patients are the cosmetic benefits. White fillings are indistinguishable from natural tooth structure and alleviate the unsightly look of metal in teeth. Dr. McOmber most commonly uses Esthet-X HD composite resin, made by Dentsply Sirona in America, which one of the most highly rated materials available to dentists worldwide. This product has an ideal combination of beauty and strength. It is also polishable to a high shine and very natural looking. In addition, Esthet.X HD is also free of dissociable, easily released, or ionized Bishphenol A (BPA), which is an endocrine disrupting chemical that has gained media coverage in the last 10 years for its toxic characteristics, and is contained in other, less desirable composite materials.

At McOmber Dental, we only select and utilize the best available products for our patients.