Dental Bonding is a cosmetic procedure where composite resin material is applied to teeth and cured (set hard) with a blue wavelength light. Bonding has been a staple in the dental field for decades, but modern advances in material technology and chemistry allows us to create natural restorations that blend in with adjacent teeth.
Uses of Dental Boding:

  • correct gaps between teeth
  • improve shape and size of teeth
  • lengthen teeth
  • eliminate discoloration
  • fix fractures and broken edges
  • cover and protect exposed roots due to gum recession

Advantages of Dental Bonding are:

  • noninvasive with minimal drilling and tooth removal
  • requires only one visit (no dental laboratory required)
  • requires little or no dental anesthesia (novocaine)

At McOmber Dental, Bonding is completed utilizing custom color matching and a multilayering technique. This technique is crucial in order to achieve optimal cosmetics results, especially in the smile line. As natural teeth are not monochromatic, multilayering involves using different shades and translucencies of composite resin to mimic the transparency of tooth enamel.

Dr. McOmber uses the Esthet.X HD high definition Micro Matrix Restorative composite material made by Dentsply Sirona in America. This award-winning material has been recognized in the dental industry as a top performer for both its strength and beauty. In addition, Esthet.X HD is also free of dissociable, easily released, or ionized Bishphenol A (BPA), which is known to be an endocrine disrupting chemical that has gained media coverage in the last 10 years for its toxic characteristics, and is contained in other, less desirable composite materials.