Dental Implant Costs

Dental Implant treatment is often the very best standard of care when replacing missing teeth. At McOmber Dental, all dental implants are placed by our Board Certified Periodontist Dr. Kenneth Gluck.Successful dental implant treatment requires the use of high-quality implants, which are precision-crafted titanium anchors placed into the bone that acts as an artificial root, as well as high-quality custom abutments, components that connect the implant to a crown.

All dental implants and components are not created equal.

There is an extremely significant difference in the quality of dental implants and components used by dentists. In order to provide lower fees to increase their business and maximize profits, some dentists use inferior implants and components. Many patients are unaware that the quality of the implants and components matters, and will, therefore, seek out the lowest cost implants they can find. This will frequently result in either a poor result or the need to redo treatment later.

No Low Quality “Knock-Offs”

It is vital to remember that dental implants and components are implantable medical devices. At McOmber Dental, we do not and will never compromise patient care by utilizing “knock-off” or copycat generic implants and components. We only use dental implants manufactured by two of the leading companies in medical and dental prosthetics, Zimmer BioMet, and Straumann. When considering implant treatment, it is important for patients to always inquire as to what kind of implants and components are used by any dental practice.

High-Quality Implants at Competitive Prices

While we will not sacrifice patient care by using low-quality materials or components, our implant pricing is extremely competitive because we are able to offer a cohesive and complete approach to surgical and restorative treatment- all under one roof. We also bundle treatment costs to make treatment more affordable for our patients. Please contact our office for a complimentary visit with our doctors and staff for more complete pricing and treatment options and details.